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Horse Knowledge helpful but not required!

The horse drawn carriage industry in Atlanta is regulated by the City of Atlanta Police Dept Division of Taxicab and Vehicles For Hire, located at 818 Pollard Ave., Atlanta, GA. A carriage driver in Atlanta must be knowledgable of the downtown Atlanta area and can provide a narrated historical tour of the city as well as provide a shuttle service.
If you are interested in driving a horse drawn carriage for Nottingham, here's a check list of requirements by the City of Atlanta:

  1. Georgia resident at least one year
  2. Georgia Drivers License at least one year
  3. Notorized Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) for 7 years *$8.00
  4. Proof of citizenship or naturalization
  5. Company card issued by Nottingam
  6. Fingerprint card (issued by Taxicab Bureau) *$20.00
  7. Background check (issued by Taxicab Bureau)
  8. English Proficiency Test (issued by Taxicab Bureau) *$8.00
  9. Written Exam (issued by Taxicab Bureau) *$75.00

***All Payments to Taxicab Bureau must be a money order***

If you meet all the requirements:

  • Step 1. Come to Nottingham to pick up a company card
  • Step 2. Take the company card, identification, and MVR to Taxicab Bureau. After completing background and fingerprinting, the Taxicab Bureau will set up an appointment for you to take the English Proficiency Exam. After completion of the exam, you are issued a Temporary Training Permit valid for two weeks.
  • Step 3. After obtaining a Training Permit, you can begin driving with a licensed driver for Nottingham and learning our routes and ordinances. Nottingham will provide you a list of our routes and ordinances.
  • Step 4. In two weeks when your training permit expires, you will be given a written exam by the Taxicab Bureau that covers our routes and ordinances. Upon completion of the exam you will be permitted a carriage license valid for one year. Your carriage license must be renewed every year within thirty days before your birthday, as required by the Taxicab Bureau.
If interessed please call 678-621-3414 to make an appointment